Generally a reserved and calculating wizard, with occasional flashes of nastiness lately.


Nyliss is an Eladrin Wizard (I know, how original), and she’s quite smart. No, I mean really, very smart. Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons. She is a voracious student of all things magical, mystical, and supernatural, favoring spells that let her mess around with things rather than produce showy offensive explosions- although she does keep a few of the really good ones in reserve.

While not the naturally adventurous type, Nyliss finds that a healthy amount of field work is just as important as studying ancient tomes in dusty libraries to the aspiring arch-mage. So, she joined up with a ragtag group of door-kicking dungeon raiders to see what she could learn out in the wide, wild world. They met with a fair amount of success, but her recollection of recent months is a bit fuzzy.

Nyliss was doing something- she’s not quite sure what, but she assumes it was important research or something similar- when she was apparently ambushed and kidnapped by orcs. She suffered many Bad Things at their hands while waiting for her turn to suffer the Weird Things being done to the other prisoners. When the Weird Things were unexpectedly interrupted the others escaped and dragged her along for the ride.


Dwarfs and Devilry carpens